The Brahm's Bookworks Scriptorium is a TOTALLY FREE program and an exclusive group that will provide you with the skills and the artwork to illuminate your grimoire like the one pictured above. (The Goetia illumination is part of a work in progress and will not be offered, it's for illustration only)

Regardless of whether you purchased your grimoire a decade ago, or today, you're invited to participate in our new program. Don't worry that we might not remember you, we have records that go back to our very earliest beginnings.

This is a closed group. Open only to those who have purchased grimoires from us.

Why join? Here's why:

1. Access to a database of ready to illuminate artwork.

2. Complete instruction for how to complete your artwork using three methods. The easy way, the intermediate, and the advanced.

3. Learn the process of aging your pages using our easy method.

4. You'll be able to not only download, but also upload your own artwork and share in the artwork of others.

5. Not only will you have access to Illumination, you'll also learn how to create your own.

6. access to scriptorium products, only available to members in our Scriptorium Supplies section.

If you wish to participate, simply drop us a line at Let us know your name when you purchased your grimoire from us. Once we verify you, we'll send you an invitation.

The group is hosted through Yahoo Groups.

Membership is through invite only, no exceptions. There is no obligation and participation is voluntary. However, you must abide by the guidelines for use of copyrighted work.