Medallion Gallery
This gallery features the various medallions we have available for our standard size books. If you like a particular design (i.e. the Magickal Crest Grimoire) but are wanting to put a different medallion on it. You can do so at no additional cost. You can also add a medallion to an Alchemy or Adepts Grimoire at no additional cost. This allows you to create the book that suits you best. We'll be adding even more in the coming months. Newest medallions are featured at the bottom of the page. 
an eclectic collection of some of the medallions we've crafted over the years. 
These medallions can be added to most of the standard size grimoires.
Pentacle, Celtic Dragons, Triple-moon Goddess
Raven Moon ( or Crow) , The Great Horned Owl,  Worshiped by Moonlight Cat Medallion New!
Triskell, Triquetra, Greenman
 Hexagram (Star of David or Seal of Solomon), Medieval Cross, Gothic Cross

Hexagram is also available without the lattice background.


 Ohm Lotus, Tree of Life - , Taoist Yin-Yang

The medallions are available without the gold/silver leaf at your request.

Now available! Hecate wheel medallion & Aurin

Grand Tome Medallions and Corner sets!
These will only fit on Grand tome size.
Thor's Hammer with runic inscription featuring the classic depiction of the Mjölnir encircled by a Raven representing Odin, and the viking coiled dragon corner with runic inscription set. The medallion is approximately 4" across and the corner is 3-3/8 across.
This set can be used to replace the corners and medallion on any of our currently available Grand Tomes.
Wolf or Coyote howling at the full moon. This large medallion measures 4- 5/8" inches across.

All designs are original artwork and are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws.
Please contact us if you would like to use images from our site.
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