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Note: as of April 1st, Our current lead time is:
can range from 12-14* weeks depending on the complexity of the
book ordered and the volume of work in house and it can be substantially shorter.
it will vary depending on our current workload.
(lead time will be updated as it changes) Please note below:
*best guess.
This can change at any time for unseen circumstances
and it's best to be flexible and most of all patient. Our lead time can run
as much as 4 weeks beyond or even be much shorter depending on circumstances. If you are not okay with this, please
do NOT commission a book from us. We reserve the right to refuse or refund any order, at any time
if we feel the need. We are artists. We are not a superstore with China made goods.

These are the Books and Tomes that made us famous. They include our exclusive binding system* that allows you to add, remove and rearrange the contents, while still allowing the Old World style, to be maintained. They also include our unique Brahms wrap-around hinges*.

*patent pending. All designs copyright 1999-2016 Brahm's Bookworks. All rights reserved.

AS OF OCT 2014, Check out our new Basic Edition Grimoires for even more savings if these books fall outside your budget.

Standard size Grimoires and Book of Shadows

8-1/2 x 11 size paper. These are our most popular size weighing 8 - 10lbs depending on the design.

Three Brand new designs

on SALE and thru May 31st 2016.

additionally discounted below our sale price.

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$50 to $100 off

Grand Astrologer Codex - Special edition

Adepts Book of Shadows Grimoire

The Greenman Book of Shadows Grimoire

Alchemy grimoire Alchemy Book of Shadows Grimoire
Egyptian BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire  Egyptian Book of Shadows Grimoire
Magickal Crest BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire  Magickal Crest Book of Shadows Grimoire
Witch's BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire  Witch's Book of Shadows
Raven BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire Raven Moon Book of Shadows Grimoire
Goddess BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire Triple Moon Goddess Book of Shadows
Triquetra BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire Triquetra Grimoire
Triquetra BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire Triskell Grimoire
Celtic Dragon BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoire The Celtic Dragon Grimoire

Grand Tome Grimoires

11 x 17 size pages. The largest and most impressive grimoires we offer. Some weighing in at nearly 20lbs.

witch grand tome BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoireWitch Grand Tome
Celtic Dragon BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoireGoddess Grand Tome
Celtic Dragon BOS 1, book of shadows, grimoireTriquetra Grand Tome
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