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The two hour premier of the new series "Blood Ties", aired on March 11th on Lifetime.

The new show was based on the first of the blood series novels, Blood Price (1991) by the famous and very talented Canadian author Tanya Huff.

In 2006, we were commissioned to custom craft the Grimoire, which is owned by the vampire, Henry Fitzroy, for the series. Following the premier episode, we were flooded by e-mails from folks who own our Grimoires, commenting how impresssed they were with the actor for being able to easily pick up the 10 pound Grimoire with a single hand.


Own your own replica of the Blood Ties Grimoire.

This replica will contain 400 sheets of blank heavyweight paper for you to fill. We will also include the "Book of Shadows" coverpage that was featured in the show.

The asking price is $599.00 plus shipping. Order your copy today


Above: Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid) casts a magick spell from the book.
A screencap of the Grimoire created by us and used for filming.
Left: Henry fends off the demon using an incantation from the Grimoire.
Another view of the book in the open position.




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