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About us:
Brahm's Bookworks was founded in late 1999. What began as a request for an herbal
journal by Robyn set into motion events that would lead us to where we are today.
Having experience in classic sewn binding, Brahm offered to craft a book for her to
store her herbal information and recipes. However, being that it was the onset of the
computer age, Robyn wanted a book that she could add and remove pages from. She would
not settle for a three ring binder and had to look as if it was hundreds of years
old. Brahm designed the first book which was called 'The Greenman' Grimoire. Nature
themed with leaves and vines for hinges and corner protectors and a derivative of Michaelangelo's
Florentine Man relief as the center piece. He engineered the binding to allow the pages to be
removed, printed, and then be easily replaced.
They decided to craft an additional book and
offer it on ebay to see if anyone else might be interested. It resulted in a huge outpouring of support
from all over and requests for other designs. Within a year, Brahm and Robyn were so busy with
commissions that they both quit their full time jobs and began running Brahm's Bookworks exclusively.

Who is Brahm?
Brahm is a Native American Artist*, master book binder, pewtersmith, sculptor, painter, researcher, and writer. Brahm's interest in classical bookbinding came about when he became fascinated by the SCA "Society for Creative Anachronism" which reenacts the life and times of the various medieval and renaissance periods. He took an immediate interest in the scribal arts and bookbinding. Learning everything he could and working meticulously to hone his skills. Although, the 'Brahms codex binding'  and wrap around hinges were not historical in any sense, it captured the look and feel of old world grimoires as we often see in our mind's eye or so often represented in fantasy adaptations and stories. Brahm began to take a renewed interest in the classic style of binding wanted to produce books that were more in the flavor of the old museum books such as those housed in the Vatican in Rome. Around 2009, Brahm introduced the Masterwork collection to do just that. Although very time consuming to craft, Brahm was determined to capture the look and feel of real old world books. Having worked with several television and movie studio productions, he gained the skills to professionally studio age the outside of the books to capture the look and feel he was after. Brahm continues to work and research new and amazing designs for future offerings. 
Brahm is a registered Lakota Sioux Indian of the Lower Brule Sioux tribe. Brahm is an U.S. Army Veteran, Former law enforcement officer, and has worked in various aspects of industry throughout his adult life. Much of which, gave him the know-how to do the many skills that are needed to develop and produce a book that is designed to outlast its owner.
Brahm welcomes your comments and suggestions.
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Who is Robyn?
Robyn is Brahm's wife and partner. As soul mates she works hand in hand with Brahm to create the master pieces that are now around the world. Specializing in unique leather and metal finishes, she helps create the unique look that has become synonymous with our exclusive designs. Robyn also manages the business end of Brahm's and handles our customer service.

Legal Notice: *all book designs are original works and property of the artist. All works are protected under

The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 as Contemporary Native American Art. Any unauthorized duplication, including derivatives will be dealt with through legal channels.

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