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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions from our customers:
Q: What is a Book of Shadows?
A: click here to visit our book of shadows page
Q: Do you have a payment plan available?
A: As of August of 2010, we do.
Q: Where do you purchase the hardware for your books?
A: We dont buy it, as with every part of our Grimoire, we handcraft it!

Q: What can I do with a blank book?
A: Suggestions. You can use it as a journal, family history, diary, recipe collection or cookbook, drawings, stories, manuscripts. You're only limited by your imagination.

Q: Do you sell just the hardware and fixtures?
A: No, unfortunately we do not offer our art except in completed form. Our art has gained world recognition and it simply could not be a Brahms Grimoire unless it was a completed work.

Q: How long does it take from time of my payment till you ship my Grimoire?
A: We've had lead times that have varied over the years depending on the volume and complexity of the work we have in house. The best way to find the answer to how long it will take to receive your grimoire is to visit the classic grimoire menu and the current lead time will be posted at the top of the page. 

Q: What exactly do you mean by Codex binding system? I thought a codex was a sewn bound book?

A: Historically, the codex was a handwritten manuscript that replaced the once predominant scroll. The scroll had to rolled and unrolled to reference different sections. The term codex refers to pages being stacked and bound along one edge. This was considered the greatest development in bookbinding all the way up till Gutenberg invented the printing press as it allowed you to view multiple sections of a manuscript at the same time. There's some great info at Wikipedia if you search 'codex'.
Our exclusive Brahms Codex binding system (patent pending) is unique to Brahm's as it is a post type system that works more like a regular book (unlike other bookmakers who use leather to support the posts) Our system is durable and is structuraly riveted to the book. yet still give you the ability to add and remove pages with ease . It still looks and feels like a classic tome and not a 3 ring binder or scrapbook. You can even replace the entire contents and paper type to whatever suits your needs.
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we ship worldwide. All international orders are shipped via DHL express international. Unless you live in an area that makes DHL too costly. Then it will be shipped via USPS priority mail international and a customs number will be supplied. Occasionally, we've found that some folks who live in rural areas of Australia have substantially higher shipping rates that those in more urban areas. Etc.

Q: Can I mix and match hardware and fixtures to make a custom Grimoire?
A: You sure can! and at no additional cost. Some hardware will work well with other pieces, but the Tome size requires larger hardware so that's the only exception.

Q: Can I get a Grimoire without an emblem?
A: We pride ourselves in customer service, so we're glad to say yes to that too. We are very eclectic and are not limited to specific themes. We offer custom service as well, so you can have hardware and fixtures crafted of your own design . Custom work is price quoted per piece and priced according to complexity.

Q: What is the difference in the sizes?
A: See below.... (as of Jan. 2006 we no longer offer the diary size)
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